July 2, 1998

Max Payne Development Update

From Markus M�ki's .plan file comes the latest Max Payne related development news:

Remedy's benchmark subsidiary, Futuremark, opened new web pages. Go check them out at http://www.futuremarkcorp.com. They're still quite limited in content but it will increase over time.

Slowly but surely DX6 beta finds its way to all computers here at the office. We're now again in the "are there any new drivers" period... Fortunately our technology transition is going quite smoothly, with minimum impact on Max Payne (as it is not in such a hurry to get DX6 stuff implemented). Unfortunately that is not true with Futuremark's products... They need DX6 yesterday.

If it would just be the DX6 stuff, life would be extra easy. We have a new geometry pipeline, and a new material system, both needed to get most out of 3D accelerators. With tight release schedules, it all gets into a nice mess which takes a few meetings to sort out.

Anyway, after today's meeting I'm feeling very confident that we'll get everything done in time, and in the right order.

Anybody getting to keep any summer vacation? Not me. Maybe a day here and there but nothing more extensive. Welcome to the world of games development and responsibility.

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