August 24, 1998

3D Realms on False Duke Nukem Virus

We've been getting a bunch of Emails lately about a possible occurrence of the Romeo & Juliet virus turning up on pressings of the v1.3d version of the Duke Nukem 3D CD-ROM. Bryan Turner of tech support here did some investigating, and it turns out that the program that is detecting this "virus" (PC-Cillan) is generating a false positive in our help files!! It is a problem with their virus scanner, not our game CD's. We did receive an Email from one of their representatives on the matter, and this is what they said:

From: TSC Help
To: "'Bryan Turner'"
Subject: Duke Nukem virus

Pattern file 403 is causing false alarms of the Romeo_Juliet virus. This will be corrected in a future pattern file release.

Jon Mortensen
Electronic Support Specialist

So, to summarize, if you are using PC-Cillan and you get a report of a "Romeo & Juliet" virus on your Duke Nukem CD, it is false - there is no virus on the CD. Please check with the makers of your virus scanner for info on updates.

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