August 12, 1998

Build Just Won't Go Away

Build, the venerable game engine from 3D Realms just won't stop rearing it's head.

A game using our Build engine is about to be released. It's called "Redneck Deer Hunting'". Part of the description on the back of the box... "From the creators of Redneck Rampage� comes a hunting game that's so real, you'll be expecting' the Game Warden to be checking' tags! But don't worry, this is All Season, All Weapons, All Thrilling' and Killing' with your helpful local backwoods guide, Leonard. You'll explore acres and acres of prime habitat, including forest, woodlands, lake, snowpark and shooting range - using all your available tracking' skills to follow, find and finish off your prey. Use attractant scent and choose between rifle, shotgun, pistol, or crossbow for varying levels of difficulty."

This game was written by Xatrix, and is distributed by Interplay. I had a look at Interplay's web site, and couldn't find anything about the game there, nor could I find anything on Xatrix's site, either. I'm told that this game is either out now, or is due to be on the shelves any day now.

This brings the number of games released that use the Build engine to eleven. We ourselves have released two games using the Build engine, those being Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior. The other games that use Build are TekWar, Witchaven, Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance, Blood, Powerslave, Redneck Rampage, Redneck Rampage Rides Again, & NAM. There was another game under development using the Build engine (a paintball game), but we're not sure if it will see the light of day at this point.

UPDATE: The paintball game did eventually come out, it was called "eXtreme Paintbrawl".

UPDATE 2: We also believe there was an "eXtreme Paintbrawl 2" that used the Build engine. There were several of these in the Paintball series, but we're only positive #1 used Build.

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