August 21, 1998


CNN's web site has an article online entitled The Game Engines of the Not Too Distant Future. In this article, they talk about our Duke Nukem Forever game using the Unreal engine as well as our Prey Technology and game (However, they seem to have missed Remedy and Max Payne). A quote from the article:

Despite using the Unreal engine for Duke Nukem Forever (see below), 3D Realms has different plans for Prey, the story of a 27-year-old Apache who�s abducted to a massive alien mothership and must fight his way home. The Portal Engine is 3D Realms� bet on the future (excepting Duke Forever, it�ll encompass the next four games beyond Prey) and is scalable to take advantage of the next two upgrades in CPUs from Intel: Katmai and IA-64.

Thanks to Blue for the link as well as the total shameless rip-off of his rather funny news headline. :)

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