August 18, 1998

PC Games Spooges

The September 1998 issue of PC Games Magazine is on the stands. There is some spooging going on over there about our games, and what we have planned. Here's a sample of what they have to say (make sure to go get the magazine yourself on the newsstands):

1. "The Engines of 99" Article (Pg. 29) - They speak highly of both our Prey technology, as well as the switch from Quake II tech to Unreal tech for Duke Nukem Forever.
2. "State of the Game" Article (Pg. 62) - They talk about Duke Nukem Forever, Max Payne, & Prey (incorrectly listing it as a game done by another company).
3. "Stunners & Bummers" Article (Pg. 77) - They spooge about Duke Nukem Forever and what they saw at E3 '98.

Here's some quotes from the various articles they have about us:

1. (About Prey) - The wait's been long, but it looks like it will be worth it.
2. (About Max Payne) - This game doesn't have aliens; it has bad mobsters, crooked cops, grungy NY alleys and sparkling high-rises, modeled guns that behave and sound as they should, excellent lighting effects, and cool comic book style cut scenes.
3. Party on, 3D Realms. I'll admit that the DNF I saw at E3 won't exactly be what I see out of the box, thanks to an engine change from the Quake II engine to the Unreal engine. But I believe. I'm a sucker for big bosses, big weapons, and big hooters. What stunned me was the new stuff, like any character/player being able to pick up and use any weapon and interact with any model, and face animations with true lip-syncing. Oh, and the amazing built-in mods such as "spread the disease" and a variation on "kill the guy with the ball".

Plus much more. Make sure to check out the magazine at your newsstands. They also have our E3 floor video for Duke Nukem Forever on the companion CD-ROM with the magazine. You can also download the video (as well as the Max Payne and Prey videos) from our master download page.

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