October 26, 1998

3D Mark '99 Launches

"3DMark is a gamers� tool that will tell the truth and expose the hype about 3D card performance. Gamers and the industry need a standard benchmark, and this one is it."

That is what Scott Miller of Apogee/3D Realms has to say about 3D Mark '99. What is 3D Mark '99? Here's a bit from the 3DMark Web Site..

3DMark� 99 - The Gamers' Benchmark is a diagnostic suite that analyzes, tests and reports your system's 3D performance. In the fast moving world of 3D-acceleration, working out which 3D accelerator is best for your system is a difficult job. There is an endless stream of advertising with numerous products claiming that they are the latest and greatest solution.

Futuremark Corporation helps you to cut through the jargon and judge for yourself with 3DMark� 99, an advanced diagnostics and testing tool based on MAX-FX� Technology.

3DMark� tells how to maximize your 3D performance by producing one easy to understand result from a balanced testing methodology that includes image quality, rendering speed, CPU capability and an Internet information base.

3D Mark's official Launch is today at 4PM (US Pacific Time), so make sure to head on over to the 3D Mark Web Site and check it all out, and download yourself a trial copy later this afternoon!

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