October 19, 1998

Duke Nukem Forever

George Broussard was interviewed by Gamespot UK as part of their "Duke Week" feature. George had a few things to say about Duke Forever, so make sure to check out the full interview! Here's a small bit of what he had to say..

Gamespot UK: Lara Croft is scrambling to add intelligence and respectability to a female character where Duke presumably still plays on the hung ho not-too-bright maschismo. Isn't that getting dated now?

George Broussard: I think Eidos is screwing up by changing Lara. You can't try to please everyone and in the end they will have such a watered down politically correct action hero, nobody will care. You shouldn't change the one thing that made Lara popular. Her body. As for Duke, I don't think it's getting dated at all. People seem to want more and more of him. There are versions of Duke games coming out on the PSX (Time to Kill) and an exclusive title under development on the N64. I think Duke represents the ultimate macho action hero, and he's someone that most people want to play and listen to for a couple of hours.

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