October 14, 1998

Gathering of Developers

The Dallas Morning News newspaper has a section they publish every Tuesday entitled "Person@l Technology". It usually covers technology and computer items, but today they have a rather large article on both the Gathering of Developers and Terminal Reality. Both of these companies are ones that we have a relationship with (TRI being the author of our 1995 game Terminal Velocity, and Gathering being the publisher of Max Payne).

The article also briefly talks about 3D Realms as well as Scott Miller. Here's a quote from the full article...

Max Payne will be a departure from the sweet and low-key Jazz Jackrabbit and the mind game Railroad. The title character, an undercover cop on the run, is framed for the murder of his boss. His family has been killed, and he is on a mission of revenge. Gathering, which showed video clips from Max Payne at the e3 software show in Atlanta in the spring, wants Max to be its franchise character.

There is lots more to read in this article, so make sure to head over to the Dallas Morning News site and check it out.

They also have a second tidbit you'd be interested in, this time an interview with Mike Wilson, the President and Founder of Gathering of Developers in which he talks about his time at id Software, and some behind the scenes workings over at the Gathering.

Both of these are good reads, so you should head over to the Dallas Morning News Web site and check them both out today! (A note, you should do it soon, since the Dallas Morning News Web site tends to move things around on their site somewhat quickly, and if you wait too long, the links might not be accurate any more).

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