October 15, 1998

Interview with Chris Hargrove

Chris Hargrove, one of Duke Nukem Forever's programmers was recently interviewed by perplexed.com about programming. It's somewhat short interview, but still worth a read. Here's a very interesting quote by Chris from the full interview when asked what he thought the state of the industry is..

There's too much crap and too many excuses. My thing is this: If you're a developer, and you have an idea for a game that doesn't bring anything new to the genre it's for (and/or create a new genre, which is the best scenario but exceptionally rare), then don't waste your time and other peoples' time with the game. Make something new, something interesting. Publishers also need to wake up and realize that taking the time to make a good game is far more important than releasing that game at a particular (wintry) time of year. The difference between 10,000 and 500,000 copies is often nothing more than a little bit of polish, and publishers need to let developers take advantage of that fact in order to make things better for everyone involved... the consumers, the developers, AND themselves.

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