October 5, 1998

The Birth & the Death of the 3D Shooter

Online Gaming Review has a new article online entitled "The Birth & Death of the 3D Shooter". In it, they talk about the first 3D shooter games, today's crop, and where the genre is headed in the future. It's a really great read, and they have this to say about Duke Nukem 3D:

But the Duke was special. It featured a wisecracking hero ("Come get some"), almost ludicrous enemies, (Pig-Cops?) and more action and tongue-in-cheek fun than any game since. Duke was unabashedly offensive; it featured strippers you could actually throw money at, an entire level devoted to porno theaters and 'skin flicks', and some truly brilliant level design. It also was the birth of the most used game engine to date, the one known as BUILD.

This is a really good read, even if it seems to cover more on the future than the past (for an article titled "Birth & Death"). It's most definitely worth a read, though. Check it out over at OGR's site.

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