November 9, 1998

3D Portal's Dukeworld in Yahoo!

Brad Wernicke brings us the news of 3D Portal's Dukeworld being in the print magazine, "Yahoo Internet Life". This is what Brad had to say about it..

Just got the December issue of Yahoo Internet Life (a Ziff Davis publication) in the mail today. On page 54 in the gaming roundup section, they printed this little tidbit of info:

"The latest version of the 3-D series takes Duke to Las Vegas and the Nevada desert. And though we don't really want to know what Duke creator George Broussard meant when he described the game as "Duke Nukem 3D on Crack," we do know what happened to Hunter S. Thompson and Elvis visited this desert mecca."

At the end of the mini-article, they had a link to everyone's favorite Duke Nukem website, Dukeworld. Be sure to pick up the December issue of Yahoo Internet life, it has extensive coverage of Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troy, from Star Trek: TNG), and much more. :-)

(It's Troi, Brad :)

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