November 12, 1998

3D Realms Makes Gamecenter's Top 10 List - 6 Times!

GameCenter has been around for two years and decided to rank their top ten feature stories of more than 2000 total. Six of those features included 3D Realms!

* Best Feature #9: Prey was one of the games ranked in a feature titled, "The Magnificent 7."
* Best Feature #8: Wolfenstein 3-D is ranked number three is a feature titled, "The Hall of Game Innovation."
* Best Feature #6: Duke Nukem 3D was matched against Quake in another major feature, with Duke winning in the areas of weapons, deathmatching and interface.
* Best Feature #4: The original Duke Nukem ranked number five in a feature titled, "The Top 10 Downloads of All Time."
* Best Feature #2: In a feature titled "Separated at Birth," Duke Nukem and Tom Jones are compared with shocking results. GameCenter rates this feature as maybe "the funniest story GameCenter has ever published."
* Best Feature #1: This probing feature on "Sex in Games" also references Duke Nukem a time or two!

This is a really fun set of stories, some of which you might have missed. You can also vote for your favorite feature. At the time of this writing the top four features leading the voting all include Apogee/3D Realms games.

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