November 11, 1998

Charlie Wiederhold Interviewed

Charlie Wiederhold, the newest member of the Duke team, was interviewed recently by 3D Portal's Dukeworld. Charlie comes to 3D Realms from Ritual Software, having just finished up work on Sin. Charlie has been a member of the Duke community for some time now, and he brings his "fan perspective" on Duke to the Duke team.

If you'd like to hear what Charlie had to say to Dukeworld, make sure to check out the interview today. Here's a quote from it:

The chance to work on Duke Forever was simply too much to pass up. My parting with Ritual was very good and I have a lot of friends there. I stuck around to help finish Sin and everyone from both companies was very flexible with the situation. The last couple of months I had at Ritual were the best months of my time there.

BTW, Charlie, if it makes you feel any better... MONKEY!

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