November 30, 1998

Ken Silverman Interview

3D Portal's Dukeworld has a very interesting interview online. It's with our former programmer Ken Silverman. Ken is the author of the Build engine, which was used in our Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior games (as well as a host of games from other folks). Ken has a lot of cool stuff to say, make sure to check out the full interview. Here's a small snippet from it:

I worked mostly with Todd Replogle (Duke Nukem 3D), Frank Maddin (Shadow Warrior), and Nick Newhard (Blood) I happen to have a unique coding style - the code is not documented well, and it wouldn't be considered "elegant" by any means. The reason I bring this up is because my coding style matched Todd's the most, while Nick was an "elegant" coder and used C++, and Frank was kind of a mix of both.

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