November 4, 1998

Violence & Videogames

If you have children over the age of nine or 10--particularly boys--they are probably playing computer and video games that you aren't likely to see reviewed in the pages of Computers Made Easy. These games have titles like Redneck Rampage, Total Annihilation and Resident Evil. They feature scantily clad women, testosterone-crazed men and enough weaponry to obliterate a small country. And while they are billed as entertainment, these games have a far greater--and potentially more damaging--impact than the arcade games played by younger kids.

That is the beginning of an article on the CNN Web Site entitled, "Does shoot-'em-up software lead to aggressive behavior?" This article mentions 3D Realms and Duke Nukem 3D in its discussion of computer violence. The article (unlike others of this type) does preach parental control over what kids should have access to. Make sure to head over to the CNN Web site and check out this article, as it offers suggestions for parents to use in deciding what their children should have access to.

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