December 14, 1998

Been Here Before

Jonathan the Grape has a slightly different from the norm article online entitled "Haven't I been here before?". In it, he talks about things in various first person shooter games that he feels are overused. Our own Keith Schuler is quoted in the article, here's what Keith has to say:

Creativity basically means creating something new rather than rehashing something that's been done before. If Doom was creative, then Quake probably wasn't, because Quake was more of the same in an enhanced engine. Duke 3D was creative because of the swimming, the strippers, the jetpack, the shrinkray, and everything else. Of course, I'm talking about general design again rather than level design, but the same thinking applies. I think a level is creative if I'm doing and/or seeing something I've never done in a game before.

Make sure to check out this very interesting article; it isn't just more of the same kind of gaming article that makes you want to say "Haven't I read this before?" :)

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