December 28, 1998

Lee Jackson Reviews E-Mu Audio Studio

Our own Music & Sound Director, Lee Jackson has written an article for C|Net's Gamecenter. This article is a review of the E-Mu Audio Production Studio. Here is what Lee has to say in the intro to the article:

The E-Mu Audio Production Studio (APS) is targeted at musicians and developers, not your typical home user or even hard-core gamer. As such, E-Mu sees the APS as an all-in-one sound and music solution for project musicians, semipro enthusiasts, and game developers. So why does Gamecenter have me reviewing this kind of product? Primarily because E-Mu's EMU10K1 audio processor resides at the heart of both the E-Mu APS and Creative Labs' Sound Blaster Live. The Gamecenter editors thought it would be interesting to see how the APS would fit into a game developer's musical bag of tricks. That's where I come in. As music and sound director at 3D Realms, I'm responsible for the production and direction of music and sound effects for all of 3D Realms' games, including Duke Nukem Forever and Prey. But enough about me. Let's dig into the E-Mu APS.

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