January 12, 1999

David Laprad x2

David Laprad (staff writer at the Adrenaline Vault) has two recent articles online that should be of interest to you. They are entitled "What's in a name.com", and "Games Violence and Youth: The Debate... Sigh... Rages On".

* In the first article, David talks about the issues that computer game companies have to go through when registering Internet domain names. Our own Scott Miller is quoted in this article, and he has this to say:

Scott Miller, partner at 3D Realms, said someone registered the domain name DukeNukem.com and demanded "big money" from the game developer. "After a year, we had not given in," Miller said. "He finally gave up because we threatened legal action, and now we've got the domain. Other than that, we've been very careful to register names prior to announcing them publicly."

* In the second article, David talks about the usual kids and computer game violence argument that seems to rage on forever. Here's a bit of what David had to say about this:

... Pure action games are meant to entertain. The next time I crash land in Los Angeles and use an RPG to battle marauding aliens, I will retract that statement. As a parent and a citizen of one of the most criminally violent societies in the world, I am gravely concerned regarding the things causing our youth to choose such tragically violent paths.

Make sure to check out both of these articles, there's some interesting reading here. (Ed Note: I can imagine what these people who are against computer game violence would do if they lived several hundred years ago. I mean, the Crusades. Huge violence, people killed for real. We can't have that. Put a warning sticker on your shield before we go into battle, folks!)

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