January 11, 1999

Games in 1999

There are a couple of articles online that talk about 1999 and games coming out this year.

First up is one by 3D Realms fanatic, Jonathon the Grape from over at Grape's Thoughts. He has thrown up a new article entitled, "Happy Bloody New Year!" The article gives his predictions and thoughts on the year to come, and all the games involved. Our own Duke Nukem Forever is spooged over quite a bit in the article. Here's a bit of what he has to say:

*First of all, there's our beloved Duke (who, in my opinion, will shrink all competition to a pitiful pulp with his trusted shrink ray).

*DNF, obviously, is pretty much the most anticipated FPS game ever.

If you want to see what else Jonathon has to say about 1999 and 3D Realms, check out the full article. Thanks 3D Portal.

The second article is one by extremegame.com entitled "The
Upcoming games of 1999
". This is a longer article that talks about several games from various companies, including our own Max Payne, and Duke Nukem Forever. Here's a bit of what they had to say:

*Max Payne (your character), coming from two of the most successful gaming companies, 3DRealms and Remedy Entertainment, plays an under cover DEA agent. He reveals a major break in his fight against the mob. The story will illustrate back-stabbing, plot-twists and a nail-biting finale. All of this is portrayed (in-game) by scripted sequences and eighty (plus) hand painted comics.

*Duke Nukem fans better be pumped for the new game because they will love Duke Nukem Forever! Duke Nukem Forever has improved drastically over the original. The revamped features include an in-depth story, amazing graphics (courtesy of the Unreal engine) and advanced level design! Multiplayer we will just have to experience for ourselves.

You can check out what they had to say about several games over at extremegame.com.

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