January 5, 1999

Hayes Going out of Business

Hayes, a pioneering personal computer technology company which scrambled out of a 1996 Chapter 11 bankruptcy and reorganization, could not turn the tide for a second time.

Found out today that the company that invented the PC modem, Hayes, is to go out of business. Anyone who has been involved in the online community for as long as I have (if not longer than me) will remember Hayes old "sleek, silver modems with the black trim sides". And of course, it was like $400 for a 300bps modem. I find it surprising that the people who invented the modem are going out of business. Then again, online commuting is moving away from standard modems, towards satellite, cable modems, and the like. Still, it's a weird moment for me.

There's more on this story over at C|Net's News.com. Check out their news story on Hayes going out of business. Oddly enough, the Hayes site itself doesn't have anything on the story (yet).

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