February 16, 1999

Duke Nukem Forever FAQ

Do you have a question about Duke Nukem Forever? Well, then we have a link for you. It's the Official Official Duke Nukem Forever FAQ. This FAQ (by Dukeworld) covers a wide range of topics about Duke Nukem Forever such as:

* How many weapons will Duke Nukem Forever have? What will they be?
* Will DNF be available for any platforms other than Win95/98/NT?
* What are the System Requirements?
* And finally, "When will the game be released?" (Astute 3D Realms fans should know the answer to this before looking.

Please note that this FAQ was not done by 3D Realms, it was done by Chris Day & Andy Morris of Dukeworld. It was approved by 3D Realms, but it was not authored by us. As such, any information contained within the FAQ is subject to change, and should not be taken as gospel. That said, this is a good source of information on Duke Nukem Forever, and you should check it out today!

For further information on our games, check out the 3D Realms FAQ area, which contains FAQs to several of our games, including a text version of the Duke Nukem Forever FAQ.

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