April 5, 1999

3D Realms Columns

Over the weekend, the latest columns written by 3D Realms staff have popped up on a couple of web based gaming magazines. Here's the details..

* The latest edition of Chris Hargrove's "Code on the Cob" is out, and it talks about multiplayer network coding. This article isn't terribly techy (Chris promises that stuff for the next issue), so if you're intersted in reading some of the mindset of a 3D gaming programmer, check out this article!

* The new game site "Gamesplayer" is online, and our own Joe Siegler is doing a column for them called "Siegler.net". It's a column where Joe reviews non gaming related Internet sites. The first site that Joe reviews is the Internet Movie Database. Make sure to check out the first edition of Siegler.net over at Gamesplayer today!

Update Aug 2006: Link to Joe's Gamsplayer column is removed, as it no longer exists on the net.

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