April 27, 1999

A "Round" Interview with George Broussard

There's a new question and answer style interview with George Broussard out and about today. It's over at HardOCP, and it definitely sets a record for interviews. This sets the record for the highest percentage of "boob questions". Seriously, there is some decent game information in this interview, here's a sample:

Q:Will DNF also integrate Sven's technology into the Unreal engine, and what other groovin benefits have come to surface from that?

A: We have had Sven's MRG Level of Detail code in for 6 months. It saved us months of re-inventing the wheel and creating our own LOD system. The benefits come from dealing with less polygon's that you have too. And the perceived poly drops in the meshes is negligible. I think everyone agrees that framerate is more important than keeping a model at full poly count when it's 1 inch tall on the screen.

Q: There are quite a few 3D API�s out there, Direct3D, Glide, OpenGL, will DNF offer the same level of visual effects and performance with all these API�s or is the game optimized for a specific API? Or maybe you prefer software only?

A: Software only is dead now. We will support whatever Unreal ends up supporting. Right now Glide is the best API for Unreal. Clearly we want to support D3D as well, since it will reach every other card. OpenGL is fine, but considering the state of the drivers, I think D3D is a better way to go. The bottom line is that drivers SUCK for 3D cards now. People need to get their acts together and give developers a good, solid, supported API.

Q: Lastly, where do you hang on the weekends so I come try to scam a couple of frosty adult beverages off cuz I never see you at Hooters.

A: This last weekend a few of us scouted out local strip clubs like the Million Dollar Saloon, looking for models for the stippers But usually, we're here working 6-7 days a week.

There's some good stuff over at HardOCP - check it out!

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