April 7, 1999

Avault Copy Protection Article

In other AVault happenings, they have another good article that we thought you should read. Entitled "Copy
Protection and Gaming
", it's about gaming and copy protection. Written by Bob Mandel, this article talks about Bob's views on gaming companies and various methods of copy protection and the lengths they'll go in order to protect their software. Here's a tidbit from his article:

There is a famous old French saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same," and in many ways this adage particularly applies to computer gaming. While video and audio technology march forward at an ever-accelerating pace, the basic elements that make an exciting game, as well as the types of games themselves, have not changed that much over time. In a parallel fashion, my own dream of immediate access to escapist gratification -- being able to just go to my computer, click on the icon of my avenue to fun, and play -- appears to be as remote an aspiration as ever.

Bob has some interesting thoughts on this issue; make sure and check out his article today!

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