May 19, 1999

Duke Nukem Forever FAQ

3D Portal's Dukeworld has updated their Duke Nukem Forever FAQ. This new version (v1.02) includes several new items. Here's what's new in this revision:

* Updated information on the people behind DNF to reflect the addition of the content developers behind Prey now working on DNF
* The news that Megadeth will be recording the theme song for the game.
* Updated IRC section and acknowledgments.
* Added information on Sven Technology�s MRG technology for level of detail rendering
* The decision to not show DNF at E3 �99.

Make sure and check out this FAQ - it's probably the most comprehensive listing of Duke Nukem Forever information. If you have a question about the game, the answer is in here. If the answer isn't in here, then we haven't said anything about it!

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