May 14, 1999

Jar Jar Must Die!

by George Broussard

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Well, we resisted as long as we could. There's no way in hell John Romero can make us his bitch, but George Lucas sure can.

We had heard that Episode 1 tickets were going on sale 5/12 sometime. Around 5am (still up from the previous day) we started emailing each other trying to find out more and formulate an attack plan.

We found out that tickets went on sale at the local UA Galaxy 9 theater (a mere 5 minutes from the 3DR offices) around 2pm, and that they'd be on sale around 3pm on Being die hard fans and wanting the experience to talk about, we decided to wait in line at the theater and have some fun. People that went were: Allen Blum, George Broussard, Brian Cozzens, David March, Paul Richards, Keith Schuler and Charlie Weiderhold.


We met up at the office around 11am, and headed over to the theater. When we got there, the line was already around 2 corners of the 4 corner building. So we go in line and sat down (Color GameBoy's in hand). We sat around for a bit, making fun of Jar Jar, and a couple of guys wen to find an ATM, so they could get tickets.

While the guys were gone to the ATM (for over an hour!) the line started compressing. This was because the theater management started making the guys at the front, pack up the sleeping bags and such. So the line was effectively cut in half, and we realized we had rather good spots after all. In the meantime, the line had continued to fill in behind us, and it was now a compressed line of the original length. But when the guys got back from the ATM, we were gone, and they panicked ;) Serves them right for taking so long.

But they also brought snacks and drinks with them. That was nice of them. Funny thing is that when they walked up we were all eating Wendy's hamburgers ;) while they feasted on beef jerky and Pringles :) BWAAA HA HA HA.


The fun part was over. We'd been there an hour and a half and had talked all we wanted to and had eaten. Crap, now we had to wait. The sun came out and it started getting hot. Africa hot. Texas hot. It had been overcast up until that point.

Not much happened for the next 2 hours as we waited in the baking hot Texas sun, but we continued to make fun of Jar Jar and call for his immediate death, so that relaxed us.


They started selling tickets at 1 PM, an hour early and that was great! Thing is the line moved like molasses. I mean slow. Waiting for Duke Forever slow. So we all stood and complained about the slow moving line for an hour. 'Why can't they hire more ticket grunts for $5/hour? Not like they aren't making a zillion dollars off this." "Screw this, let's go back to the office and hit" Then some guy walked around and informed that movielink would only be allotted like 50 tickets per showing, so the people in line could get them first. "Cool, this rocks!" was the response.


Wait, wait, wait. Make fun of Jar Jar. Make fun of Keith. It was a vicious cycle of dark humor.

Finally we got within sight of the ticket window. Enthusiasm turned to Texas baked skin, and exhaustion. You were allowed to buy up to 12 tickets at the window and that's part of what slowed things down. Lot's of people were buying max tickets. The cool thing was, although we got tickets for the 10pm showing on the 19th, we could have gotten tickets to the very 1st showing, even with where we were in the line. We felt good about that, and the fact that we had only invested 4-5 hours in that and not 2-3 weeks like some of the guys that camped out. Natural selection at it's finest.


So we finally made it to the window and purchased our tickets. The people in the window were like zombies. They had been running off tickets for 2-3 hours now. I got 12 and walked off happily. Good thing I looked down, because they were for the 7pm show!!! That would have sucked. As I'm sure by the time I would have found out, all the 1st day shows would have been sold out.


So with that, our adventure came to an end. We went back to the office and heard a few snickers from people that thought we were crazy to wait in line that long. Then we sold them tickets for 3 times the price ;)

Until next time...

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