June 18, 1999

Broussard on Duke Nukem Forever

The folks over at AGN3D have several Q&A sessions up with George Broussard, project leader on Duke Nukem Forever. It's somewhat short (only four questions), but is the absolute latest (as of today) on Duke Nukem Forever. Here's one of the questions:

Q: Considering that Unreal didn't, will DNF feature any engine modifications that allow for bullet marks and other marks created by gunfire?

A: Yes. Duke Nukem 3D & Rise of the Triad were the 1st FPS games to feature things like bullet holes and blood splats on walls, so you can be sure they are coming back.

The question here is from just one of three sessions, actually. Over the last three days, they've posted severeal questions asked of George about Duke Nukem Forever. Make sure to check out all three of them! (June 15th, June 16th, & June 17th). There's some good stuff in here, so make sure and check 'em all out!

While you're at it, make sure to check out our FAQ area, which includes links to the Official Duke Nukem Forever FAQ (by 3D Portal's Dukeworld). That is the best place to learn anything about Duke Nukem Forever. If we've said something about Duke Nukem Forever, then it's in the FAQ. If it's not in the FAQ, then we haven't said anything.

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