June 25, 1999

Microsoft & Game Ratings

Earlier today, this news report came across the AP News Wire. It's about a product that Microsoft is creating called "Windows Game Blocker". Essentially, what it will do is give parents the ability to block off specific material on their computers. Here's a snippet from the news wire story...

The Redmond, Wash.-based software company is currently working with game manufacturers to embed code information on ratings in their new games, which the Windows Game Manager would check, said Kevin Bachus, product manager for Microsoft's multimedia group. Game ratings are currently printed on game packaging.

The feature would allow parents to keep games containing excessive violence, sexual content or expletives from being played on the computer. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a similar feature that can be used to block access to certain Web sites, he added.

Exactly how this will impact 3D Realms and our games is as of yet undecided. When there's more to report on this issue, we'll have something more.

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