August 9, 1999

Taking Root in Dallas

Last Friday, there was a pretty cool article published entitled "Taking root in Dallas" in the Houston Chronicle. This article by Tricia Serju-Harris looks at the local gaming industry here in the Dallas area.

Covering many companies here such as Terminal Reality, id Software, Ritual Entertainment, Gathering of Developers, Ion Storm, and many others, not the least of which is us! There's several insights by folks at these various companies in this piece, so make sure to check it out! Our own Scott Miller is quoted several times in the article, here's a bit of what he had to say in it.

*The "Dallas gaming mafia," as the group's been dubbed, have "always been independently owned and therefore we've
always been able to play by our own rules," Scott Miller said.

*"Many of us have released at least one big hit, and, having tasted that success, it's high motivation to taste it again," (Scott Miller on success)

This is a really nice article that focuses on the local gaming scene here. Do yourself a favor and read it today!

Thanks Tricia Serju-Harris.

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