November 1, 1999

George Broussard on Duke Nukem Forever

The Shugashack did a piece on Friday with George Broussard and Duke Nukem Forever appropriately titled "GeorgeB on Duke4". Anyway, there were several choice comments by George about the game. Here's a couple of them.

* Q: and oh make sure to include The Stadium map or a version of it in your final game.. that's the best multiplayer deathmatch mayhem...

A: Noted. Once again we know what you want. Seems it'd be stupid to release DNF and NOT have some of the favorite DM maps appear in an updated form. We'll also have plenty of new maps for you as well. The hard part will be selecting the old favorites, although a few are obvious.

* Q: When it's released, it's going to be like C&C Tiberian Sun... look how much it SUCKED. why can't developers learn that they need to develop innovative AND fun games at the same time? AKA Quake 3 and HOPEFULLY Duke 4??

A: Agreed. That's why DNF is taking so long. We flat out refuse to make a TC for Unreal. Innovation and fun take a long time to create.

George had a lot more to say - make sure to check out the Shugashack article for all of it. Also, you can participate in our own web forums, where our guys drop in from time to time with more Duke Nukem Forever tidbits.

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