February 29, 2000

Interview with John Anderson

Once again, one of our staff has been interviewed. This time, it's John Anderson, Duke Nukem Forever mapper. John was interviewed by Andy's DNF Zone, and is asked about his past, what he does in his job, and other aspects of being a gamer, and working for 3D Realms. Here's a bit of what John has to say:

Q: What is it that makes you want to do level design?

A: This is an interesting question that I'm not sure how to answer. It's much more than a strong desire, in fact I'll put it like this, every mapper at 3D Realms has it. It being a desire so strong that you'll work for 15 hours plus every day and have to drag yourself away every night and look forward to returning the following day. In previous job if I felt a little "under the weather" I would not hesitate to call in sick. At this job I could be dying but I won't miss work, I just love it too much. You really do have to love this sort of thing it's not something you could do half hearted.

John has a lot to say here, so make sure to check out the full interview today!

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