April 21, 2000

It's Hard to be 3D Realms

There's a very funny article online today over at 3D Action Planet entitled "It's Hard to be 3D Realms". The article talks about us not showing Duke Nukem Forever at E3, the impact of our virtual lack of information about the game, and other things of this nature. Here's a quote from the beginning of the article - this kind of sets the tone for the whole piece:

The reasons people love 3D Realms is clear: 3D Realms makes great games. Really great games. And it is now making a game that many anticipate to be the greatest game ever made, surpassing even Half-Life and others. Then why all the hostilities? Why does the gaming community hold this insuppressible rage toward 3D Realms?

The article goes on to show a few screenshots (from the group we released this past November), as well as summing up the opinions of several different types of online folks who are waiting for Duke Nukem Forever. They sum up several of these feelings with this paragraph:

People, you're missing the point. 3D Realms does not care about hype. It does not care about bad publicity. It does not care about anyone childishly demanding something that they shouldn't have yet. And if it's not clear enough yet, here's the basic idea: 3D Realms knows that they've got something really good on its hands. And for that reason alone, the game will sell. DNF will not be the best game ever because 3D Realms hyped it up, because there are thousands of screenshots on the web, or because you know every weapon and enemy that will be in the game. DNF will be the best game ever only because DNF is the best game ever. No other factors will affect that. Not pre-release bad publicity, not childish attacks, not anything.

Make sure to check out the entire article - this is one of the better pieces written up lately about Duke Nukem Forever.

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