April 5, 2000

John Anderson Interview

Our own John Anderson (Duke Forever mapper) was interviewed the other day by Unrealcenter. John talks about what a normal day is like here, level design issues, & Duke Nukem Forever (what a surprise!). Here's a bit of what John had to say to Unrealcenter:

UC: If you had one paragraph to sum up Duke Nukem Forever. What would you say?

JA: Take all the action, suspense and thrill of you favorite movie, mix it with a healthy dose of Duke attitude and then tie it in with an incredible story and allow it to unfold under your complete control.

UC: What part of level designing is the most fun? What is the worst part of level designing?

JA: All of it can be fun and a drag, the good thing is I can do what interests me at a given moment. If I�ve done a lot of texturing and lighting one-day I might work on some event scripting or new geometry construction the next. There is so much to do in a map that you can really mix it up and not get bored doing the same old thing day in day out.

John has a lot more to say - make sure to check out the entire article today!

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