April 14, 2000

Max Payne Article

3D Action Planet has an extremely cool new article up about Max Payne entitled "Where the Hell is Max Payne?". In the article, they have quotes from our own Scott Miller, as well as Remedy's Petri Jarvilehto, as well as Mike Wilson from Gathering of Developers.

This article covers several issues, some of which are the length of time the game has taken to develop, the various programs used to make the game,

Here's a few quotes from the article:

"Honestly, I'm never bothered by this because I know when the game arrives, all will be fine and forgiven. It's just a fact nowadays that triple-A games that have tons of content and interactivity, such as Max and Duke (Nukem Forever), will take a long time to create," Miller said. "We're not in this business to make cookie-cutter, generic games - we want to make groundbreaking games that send other developers back to their drawing boards." -- Scott Miller, 3D Realms

"We want to give the gamer full access to modify the game, and to do that intuitively, instead of fooling around with different script languages." says Petri Jarvilehto, the project lead on Max Payne. "Releasing the editors to the gamers means giving them the same production tools we have used internally. We also want to help the gamer and release all documentation to the editors." -- Petri Jarvilehto, Remedy Entertainment

In addition to the very cool write-up on the game, they also have two totally kick ass screenshots that have never been shown before. They are shown here, as well. The article has a nice piece on how much the game has come based on the old screenshots vs. the new ones. There's some new updated information that you should check out, so make sure to read the entire article today! The two screenshot thumbnails below can be clicked on for a larger image.

In other Max Payne news, a web site modification has just begun for the Official Max Payne Website. Once there's something more to report there, we will. To learn some more about Max Payne, check out the Official Max Payne Site, as well as the Remedy Entertainment sites today.

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