May 19, 2000

E3 Photo Update

From our Webmaster, Joe Siegler...

"The response to the mass amount of photos I put online has been great. I was a bit concerned that people might be overwhelmed with so many photos, but the response has been great. So much so, that a few other people asked me to put up even more! Anyway, I've gone through several of the pages and updated the various descriptions based on information people sent in to me on who these people (or things) were. Thanks to all that sent in email - there's too many to list here, though." You can check out the E3 2000 pictures here.

One other thing - a post in our web forums alerted us to a rather funny comic over at - it's a strip that talks about "E3 Booth Babes" from the "booth babe's point of view". It's very funny - check it out! Thanks moonbuzz.

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