May 19, 2000

Interview with Petri Jarvilehto

We've got a big news update today with lots of things to read and download, so let's get right to it.

In the wake of all the cool press that Max Payne received at this past year's E3 show, comes this new interview with Max Payne project lead, Petri Jarvilehto. In this interview Petri is asked the usual questions, as well as some that are a little different. Here's a sample:

Q: The following was posted on the 3D Realms msg board: "The game has developed great, and we've done some radical changes to it". Could you tell us some more about these changes?

A: I think the biggest change is the single player focus. Around 6 months ago we had a long brainstorm/design session with Scott Miller and George Broussard from 3D Realms, and we decided that it's better to focus on the single player. The reasons behind this were that with the gameplay we started to come up with new ideas that can only be properly done in single player game, and it was starting to feel like the multiplayer would end up being a stripped version of the single player.

Q: What kind of system will you need to run Max Payne?

A: We're not releasing final specs yet, but to give you some idea, I'm currently using a Celeron 400 and TNT2 at the office, and I'm getting playable framerates without scaling anything down.

Petri has more to say in this interview, so make sure and check it out over at eXposure2k. For more on Max Payne, you can check out the official Max Payne web site at, which has screenshots, some info, as well as a download of the new 2000 E3 Floor video!

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