June 5, 2000

Rise of the Triad

PC Gamer, Vol. 7, No. 6 (June issue), in the column by Colin Williamson, entitled "The Killing Box," writes:

"It's time to hop into the Way-Back Machine and pull out 3D Realms' Rise of the Triad. Don't deny it, I know you have a copy...Included in this game is "Dog Mode," the most brilliant power-up in the history of computer gaming. When you pick up this item, you're transferred into a Doberman, and can leap onto your opponents and rip their throats out...Just imagine the canine equivalent to Kingpin..."

We'll leave it to our gentle readers to read the rest of Colin's interesting column! If you're interested in checking out Rise of the Triad, you can download the shareware episode from our downloads page, and it can be ordered online through our new online store, too!

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