July 28, 2000

EDuke Patch Released!

Today, a long awaited update to Duke Nukem 3D has been released. It's EDuke. What's EDuke? Well, in the words of the author, Matt Saettler..

EDuke allows greater flexibility and control for the large community of users making Total Conversions (TCs). If you want to make a TC, or want to run a TC that used EDuke, then please download it. There's a few things to get out of the way regarding EDuke up front. They are:

1.This is an enhancement for folks writing TC's. There are no new game features - the game itself is the same. The purpose of this update is to make life easier for folks who create TC's. Nothing more.

2.3D Realms did not write this patch - it was done by Matt Saettler - a former Build programmer (he worked on the Blood game by Monolith). It is being provided here as a convenience.

3.3D Realms does not support this patch - info on EDuke is available at the Official EDuke site.

4. This patch is free for US Atomic Edition v1.5 customers. It will not work with any other version of Duke Nukem 3D.

Again, we want to stress that there are not any new game features in this update - don't download this if you're expecting new levels, new enemies, art, sounds, etc. You'll be disappointed. The whole purpose of this update is to make it easier for folks who make TC's. They will have expanded control over various editable aspects of the game. That's it. Please also note that 3D Realms does not provide any support for this - if you have questions about EDuke, please visit the Official EDuke Web Site at http://www.dukeworld.com/eduke.

You can download the EDuke patch here. If you have any problems patching it, please make sure that you need to apply it to original unmodified US v1.5 Duke Atomic files. If you've modified your executable, or patched/cracked it in any way, this will fail. You need the original files from your CD.

If you have Duke Atomic v1.4, you can get a free update to update to v1.5 from our downloads page. If you don't have Duke Atomic, you can order it online - or if you have the v1.3d CD, you can get the Plutonium PAK online, which will update your v1.3d registered CD to v1.4 (from which you can then use the 1.4-1.5 patch).

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