September 1, 2000

Extreme ROTT Levels Released!

ROTT fans rejoice! You have some new levels to play!

But first, a little trip down memory lane.. Back in late 1994, we released the shareware of Rise of the Triad. The full version shipped in February of 1995, and most people thought that was the end of the game.

Later in 1995, we released a relatively unknown add-on pack to ROTT called "Extreme Rise of the Triad". Extreme ROTT had some more utilities than the original CD had, it had some fan created things, and had 42 all new levels that did not appear in the original Rise of the Triad game. The add-on was discontinued shortly afterwards, and the materials have been unavailable since then.

However, we now present for registered Rise of the Triad fans the additional level data that was on the Extreme Rise of the Triad CD. This small RTL file, when used with the full version of Rise of the Triad will give you 42 all new levels to play. This add-on was created by Tom Hall (now of Ion Storm) and Joe Siegler (our webmaster). These new levels include some tricks not thought of during the original game development, and are generally regarded as some of the best level design ever come up with for Rise of the Triad.

You can download download the file from here, or visit our Rise of the Triad page, where you can download a gaggle of other things for Rise of the Triad including other free level packs we've released since the game came out. One of the packs is a cool group of levels that got rejected for one reason or another.

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