September 20, 2000

Interview with Paul Richards

Once again, one of our staff has been interviewed, this time it's Paul Richards - sketch artist for Duke Nukem Forever. In this interview, conducted by the German Duke site,, Paul is asked mostly about his career, what he does, and what he did before coming to 3D Realms. Here's some of what Paul had to say:

Q: Where did you work before joining 3D Realms and what did you do there?

A: I was a conceptual artist at ION Storm for a year where I worked on 'Doppelganger', 'Dominion' and finally 'Anachronox'...that is until I got stuck on a comic book project that got axed. When work runs out, people like me get paranoid, and in that particular case it wasn't unwarranted. Then, in a bizarre twist of fate, I was "adopted" by id Software for two of the most surreal weeks of my life (And I mean that in a good way .

Q: What exactly are you doing on Duke Nukem Forever? Could you describe your work a bit more exactly?

A: I have a hand in designing environments, characters, objects and weapons. Alas, that type of work can only last so long, so I pitch in where I can. One day I might be roughing out cinematic storyboards or game box compositions. Later on I could be providing game textures, world models or character dialogue. I'm learning to be more versatile.

Paul's got a lot more to say, so make sure and check out the entire interview today! (Link removed Aug 28, 2006 due to non existance).

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