September 6, 2000

Jess Crable Interview

The newest Duke Nukem Forever team member, Jess Crable, has been interviewed. This time the interview was done by the Stratos Group. They try and get some Duke Nukem Forever information out of Jess, but you'll have to read the article to see how Jess dances around that question. Otherwise, here's some of what he said.

SG: How did you 'break into' the industry?

JC: I got hooked on Unreal editing and made a lot of small mods during Unreal's early days and threw them on my website ( After several months one thing led to another and Legend Entertainment in Virginia hired me.

SG: What, exactly, is your part in the development of Duke Forever? Take us through a day at work.

JC: I've been focusing on the game's AI, which has been a lot of fun. I just check my list of things to do and start doing it, there's not much else to a typical day outside of me bothering the level designers now and then and getting to listen to Brandon's weird music occasionally. It's pretty quiet since everyone's working very hard.

Make sure to check out the interview - Jess has some other things to say about himself, too.

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