November 29, 2000

Apogee - What's in a Name?

For the last couple of days, has been running a pretty unique article that gives information about the origins of company names and their logos.

Over the last couple of days they've done companies such as Human Head, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, & Ritual/Hipnotic. Today they're running Day 3 of the piece, and they covered us, on both the Apogee & 3D Realms names/logos. Here's a bit of what Scott Miller had to say about us:

The name 3D Realms didn't happen until mid-1994, when George and I decided to focus the company on 3D games since it was a safe bet that 3D was the future. I came up with the name after weeks of researching potential company names that were available as an 800 number (800-3DREALMS) and a domain name. The name was also selected to convey the 3D focus of the company.

Scott talks more about the origin of the 3D Realms name, including the admission that 3D Realms was not the first choice. Furthermore, he talks about the design of the Apogee logo as well as the origins of that name.

Make sure to check out what says about us in this article - it's one of the more original articles to come along in some time.

UPDATE @ 2:50PM - Scott Miller found some of the pages that had the rejected Apogee logos on them. These pages were after the point where the logo was already decided upon, but the color scheme had not been. You can see the rejected Apogee logos here, here, here, & here. The color scheme we settled upon isn't on these pages - that one is shown here.

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