December 1, 2000

Fake Screenshot Contest

jnf_oct00_hooverdam.jpg (55481 bytes)
Check out this Duke Nukem Forever screenshot that we're posting to the site today! Looks kind of funny, doesn't it? Well, it should - it's a fake. This was sent to us by one of our forum users (Tip). It gave us a good idea - we're running a contest where you can send in your best fake Duke Nukem Forever screenshots.

We're going to run the contest through the start of January, and at that time, we'll pick the five best ones that we like, and award prizes to the winners. The winners will get a collection of "Duke Nukem goodies" such as a Duke T-Shirt, some coasters, Duke pen, a copy of Music to Score By, etc (no, not a copy of DNF - it isn't done yet ).

What we want from you is your best "Fake" Duke Nukem Forever screenshot. You can either alter one of our existing shots (like the one above from Tip), or posting one that looks like it's real, but isn't (see example).

So, fire up your copy of Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or whatever, and send in your best submission! Please send all entries to [email protected]. Entries sent to another place (or posted on our forums) may not be counted - make sure to send them to [email protected] only. Thanks, and good luck!

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