January 29, 2001

Duke Nukem Forever & the Bermuda Triangle

We love winning awards before a game even ships.

It's come to our attention that C|Net Gamecenter awarded us the "Bermuda Triangle" award for Duke Nukem Forever - in their words, "So this year's final, and most well-deserved, award--the Bermuda Triangle Award--goes to the can't-be-present-at-the-ceremony Duke Nukem and 3D Realms."

One thing the article mentioned needs correcting though...

"...Maybe the folks at Infogrames knew more than they were telling when they jettisoned Duke to the Gathering..."

Nothing was jettisoned. 3D Realms initiated the deal with GT at E3 2000 and worked for months to get the game moved to a new publisher. Obviously Take 2 saw something interesting in DNF or they wouldn't have paid a gazillion dollars for it. Once Infogrames bought GT we noticed a change in company atmosphere and philosophy and we thought Duke's politically incorrect antics would be better served elsewhere.

But thanks for the award C-Net, we will cherish it.

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