February 26, 2001

Another Scott Miller Sighting

Monday morning, and with this new work week comes another new interview with Scott Miller. This time, it's with the site "Max Payne Zone". Their interview with Scott covers the usual topics, although as it's a Max Payne site, the questions are more geared towards Max Payne. Scott covers Duke Nukem Forever briefly, too - and touches on the reasons behind the media blackout. Here's a sample:

mpzone: First, the media blackout - Why won't you release any new screenshots or information on Max Payne and Duke Forever? Just look at games like Halo - by releasing weekly updates their fanbase gets bigger and bigger.
� scott miller: Two points:

o Duke Nukem is already known, so there�s no need to build up player anticipation and awareness for this brand. Halo doesn�t has a previous hit game in the series to rely on.
o We in fact will release a lot more info about the game before it�s released, but we want to wait until the a few months before the game is released, not six months or more.

There's plenty more to check out, so head over to MPZone's interview with Scott Miller now!

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