February 27, 2001

Wolfenstein 3D Part II: Rise of the Triad

id Software has recently licensed GreyMatter to work on a sequel to the old 1992 game, Wolfenstein 3D. This new title, "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" uses current technology, and should be a fun new chapter in Wolfenstein lore. However, that wasn't the first attempt at a "Wolfenstein 3D II" game.

As some of you may or may not know, Rise of the Triad began it's life as nothing more than an expansion pack for Wolfenstein 3D. The original full title of the game was "Rise of the Triad: Wolfenstein 3D Part II". It was to use the same game engine code as Wolfenstein 3D, and have new levels, art, and characters. As time went on, the Wolfenstein 3D name was dropped, and the project became much much more than just an add-on for Wolf 3D.

Recently, in an old file here at 3D Realms, we found the original team design spec from Tom Hall in September of 1993, which contained episode descriptions, an outline of where the storyline was to go, and new features in the Wolfenstein game engine. We now bring you this document, along with some graphics from the game back then. You can see how Rise of the Triad's early design spec carried through in several areas to the final product.

The page has artwork, comments on the document, as well as some comparison graphics of a couple of game characters in their original incarnations, as well as what they looked like in the final game release. If you're into Rise of the Triad, you should check this out!

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