May 25, 2001

Best of E3 Awards

It's turned out to be a big news day, so let's get to it.

Voodoo Extreme has handed out their best of E3 awards, and they gave awards to two of our games. First up is Duke Nukem Forever, which they list in their Top 20 games of the show. They had this to say about DNF (which they listed first on their list here).

The movie that 3D Realms released of the game was nothing short of remarkable. The last time we saw Duke was a couple years back using the Quake 2 engine. With Unreal, the game looks generations better, and if the trailer is any indication of what the final game will be like, we should be in store for something very special.

They also included three screen shots, which were just dumps from the E3 video. Then, they also awarded Max Payne "The Winner of the Voodoo Extreme Best of E3 2001 Award" . That's a very cool award, and they had this to say about Max Payne..

Max Payne was back at E3 this year and is looking better than ever. Unlike last year when Max�s moves consisted of some simple slow motion spins, Remedy has expanded Max Payne�s gameplay to full-blown "Matrix" effects, where Max can literally slow down the speed of combat and perform dives, dodge bullets and other amazing feats of superhuman prowess. Graphically, Max Payne was stunning. The weapon models are all based from real-world counterparts, and the entire world uses photo-realistic textures as source material, making the maps almost as gritty as the seedy underbelly of New York City itself. Using hand-painted story boards to tell the tale of how Max Payne went from a good undercover cop to a man wanted dead by the mob (and worse), Remedy combines still images, with full voice acted dialogue to tell the story�s torrid tale. Max Payne is currently in heavy QA testing, and should be released early this summer, or "when it�s down" (you know, whichever comes first).

Head over to Voodoo Extreme, and check out their E3 awards today!

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