May 1, 2001

DNF E3 Video News Update

No, this is not some kind of sick joke on our site visitors, we actually have some Duke Nukem Forever news to report. Work has begun on the video to be shown at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. George Broussard has posted an update on the progress made on the video at our forums. Here's what he had to say.

Well, we recorded the video footage. It took us about 3-4 hours, then we went to dinner. We came back and were about to rip the shots from the digital video, when we noticed - the sound was all too low. DOH! In our excitement to record footage, we neglected to check the sound levels. Sigh...

At 3am we finished re-recording all the footage...again But it went faster since we had a dry run.

We ripped shots from one hour of tape and we'll do the second hour tomorrow. We're going to have a lot more shots than can fit in the video, but it's always good to have more.

The guys from Gathering that are editing the video have their equipment setup in our conference room. We'll be working closely with them Tuesday to cut the video together, then we hope to polish/tweak it and be done Wednesday.

Will keep you posted. I think you're all going to like it a lot. The DNF team has put an incredible amount of work into what you are going to see.

That was posted very early this morning (around 6AM), and then the team went to catch some sleep. This afternoon, the God guys returned to the office, and we bring you these two shots of the '01 DNF video in production (click on either for a larger image):

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