May 24, 2001

Duke Nukem Forever "Best of E3"

In addition to the Max Payne award above, we also have a report that Duke Nukem Forever was given the best of E3 award by This is interesting, considering Duke Nukem Forever wasn't at the show. The only thing at the show was the DNF trailer, which you can download from our site here.

Anyway, their award goes to Duke Nukem Forever, in their words:

DNF had a great showing at E3, backed by an awesome demo video. The game still has a few months until release, but it's shaping up to be an awesome FPS. It was just too good. A single demo movie, showing off the rewards of four years of labor, stunned the gaming community.

Yeah. Duke's back, baby, and don't you forget it. 3DRealms has been working on this bad boy for years, and at E3, they finally gave the public a little peek into the game. Amazement ensued, and everyone who had previously been shouting, "Vaporware, vaporware" was silenced. The first-person shooter genre is advancing faster than any other, technologically, and DNF is at the top of a very large heap of hot-looking shooters.

In addition, they also gave 3D Realms the best PC developer award for the show. Here's what they had to say about us:

With Duke Nukem Forever and Max Payne on display, George Broussard's boys had a huge show. It's not often that a developer can make everyone walk away from a show with their jaws wide open, but 3DR did it.

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