June 5, 2001

Max Payne Interview

Voodoo Extreme posted another Max Payne interview; this time with Remedy's Petri J�rvilehto. They talk about (what else) - Max Payne!

Voodoo Extreme � Now, Max Payne is obviously a very violent game, a very adult game. In this day and age, even with an �M� rating, some people might even object to this kind of game being made. What�s your reaction to those kinds of thoughts?

Petri J�rvilehto - I don�t know. I think of Max very much along the same lines as a good action movie. If you want to start banning things like the Die Hard movie trilogy or John Woo movies, then you are starting to cut a lot of the fun entertainment away from a lot of people. I think what we are doing, regardless, is a crime thriller. We are telling a storyline. The violence itself is not an end. It�s more like stylized combat a la John Woo movies or �The Matrix�

Voodoo Extreme � What is the current status on the game�s progress?

Petri J�rvilehto - Right now, we�re close. We are very, very close. We�ve started beta testing the game. It�s all there; all the gameplay. All the maps are done and we are now polishing and tweaking, polishing and tweaking. We are adding more cinematics and get more things out of the combat. But as of now, everything has merged up very nicely.

Petri has a lot more to say about the game, check out the interivew, and as always, the release date is "When it's done".

In other Max Payne news, a more "modem friendly" version of the E3 trailer has been released by Gathering of Developers. Visit our downloads page for details.

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